Plum Blossom

It’s so exciting to see the blossom coming through on the plum trees in the garden…

Plum Blossom

Last year was the first year we’d had the tree, and it gave us one plum, which we shared! I wonder if we can expect any more fruit this year?!

Plum Blossom 2


Riotous Blooms

Our fruit trees are looking magnificent at the moment, festooned with all their blossoms!


Apparently, it’s been a particularly good year for blossom because the warm days and cold nights have prolonged the flowers.


The trees in Regent’s Park, where Ade is doing his RHS course, look particularly spectacular (above).

I hope these fabulous flowers translate into a bumper crop of fruit for us all!



Down the rabbit hole

It was such a beautiful day today, I decided to take a stroll up to the plot. There wasn’t that much to do at 23D, a little weeding, a little watering, after which I decided to have a wander around the rest of the allotments.

The community orchard was looking glorious in all its blossom…


… and I also discovered a little pond behind it, where a pair of ducks were happy idling in the sunshine…


… but then I turned around and was suddenly confronted by THIS which nearly made me leap out of my skin…


… arguably the most terrifying scarecrow I have ever seen in my life. So I hastened out of the orchard only to come face to face with some other unexpected plot dwellers…


… A giant watering can and the Tin Man. I was beginning to think I’d fallen down a rabbit hole at this point – I had suddenly found myself in an alarming and slightly trippy alternative reality. I backed away…


… before finding myself cornered by beehives, complete with an angry Queen; this really was starting to feel like Alice in Wonderland! The occupants clearly didn’t want me around so I didn’t loiter there for long either. I hastily left the allotments to a buzzing chorus of “off with her head!” and returned home.

I’ll have to have words with Ade when he gets home this evening. Judging by today’s adventures, I reckon he’s been harvesting the opium from our poppies and stirring it into my tea.