Making Room

At this time of year, we all need a bit more space. Polytunnels are packed, sheds are full, and there isn’t enough room in the greenhouse to shake a poppy head. Our precious seedlings have become strong young plants, and while it’s a welcome sight, it’s also causing storage issues. Continue reading “Making Room”

A Barrage of Broccoli

Ade came home from the allotment with eight broccoli the other night. Eight.


Yes, they’re beautiful. But eight! Continue reading “A Barrage of Broccoli”

The Trug of Triumph


Look at this! Pak choi, mangetout, elephant garlic, perpetual spinach, broccoli and carrots have all come through. We may have lost our onion crop but this beautiful bounty has more than made up for it!

Chuffed? You betcha! 🙂