Brussels Sprouts Slaw

Why do so many of us eat Brussels sprouts only at Christmas? If, like Ade, you grew a crop of them purely with Christmas dinner in mind, you’ve probably still got stalks of these bijoux brassicas standing proud on your veg plot, crying out to be used, and there’s so much to do with them. Continue reading “Brussels Sprouts Slaw”


Sprouts à la mode

What is it with sprouts this year? The one time pariah of the Christmas dinner now seems to be the most fashionable veg on the platter. With a ‘monster’ variety of sprout expected to hit the supermarket shelves later this month because of the warmer weather, novelty chocolate sprouts apparently replacing the trend for chocolate coins,  and even a BBC Christmas TV Campaign starring none other than Sprout Boy, it seems we’re unable to escape the humble Brussels sprout at the moment.

Allotment Sprouts 1

Which is okay by us, because we love ’em! We’ve got a healthy crop growing on the allotment which we’ve already started harvesting, and what a fine-looking crop they are!

Allotment Sprouts 2

Admittedly, I haven’t been particularly experimental when cooking our sprouts so far. They’re delicious, but I tend to keep things simple; boiling them lightly and serving them as a side dish, but I know there are plenty of other things to do with them.

I may have to try something more adventurous next time – suggestions please!