Wordless Wednesday

Today, I’m going to let the photos do the talking. Despite the autumn taking hold, both in the garden and on the allotment, the vegetables and flowers have come together to fight the good fight and push back the seasonal onslaught.

But I’ve said too much, hope you like the snaps… Collage


Something in the Air

As I left the house early to go for my morning run, something immediately struck me. It wasn’t the grey sky or the drizzly rain, but the air itself had a feel of autumn. We’ve just entered the golden month, the month when bountiful harvests fill fridges, freezers and pile up on dinner tables. Meanwhile, the burnt oranges and yellows of summer’s late floral arrivals are happily holding court in the garden; heleniums, sunflowers and rudbeckias all vying for our attention. 1 Collage

But autumn? I don’t remember seeing the invite for this brooding guest, yet here he was.  2 Collage

I’m still hopeful for that last burst of summer to finish tanning my squashes, ripen my tomatoes and bake my beetroot. 3 Collage

But if this is the change, I really can’t complain. The allotment has done me proud this year, stretching my knowledge and filling my tummy. And the goods are still coming. Last night I harvested the first corn on the cob, and before Soph got home, I’d boiled it, eaten it and hidden the evidence.

Think I got away with it. 😉