Happy Birthday to Us!

This week, Agents of Field are celebrating three whole years of blogging! Who’d have thought it, eh? Continue reading “Happy Birthday to Us!”

The Winter Solstice

It’s here, folks, the shortest day of the year! At 23:03 GMT, the North Pole will be tilted furthest away from the sun. Although this event officially marks the start of winter here in the Northern Hemisphere, it signals the approach of spring as far as I’m concerned; as from tomorrow, the days will begin to draw out, the nights will get shorter and before we know it, we’ll be planting our chilli seeds and the snowdrops will be erupting in our back garden!


Agents of Field will certainly be raising a glass tonight to celebrate the solstice. Will any of our readers be celebrating Yule in proper druidic fashion with feasting, fires and family gatherings?