Rainy June

Despite the summer solstice two days ago, June has been a wash-out. While the constant rain has been good for some of our fruit, such as the rhubarb, which I’m stewing up constantly, it’s wreaking havoc with our other fruit, such as the cherries, many of which have started to rot away. Continue reading “Rainy June”

British Flowers Week

Tomorrow marks the start of British Flowers Week, a celebration of UK cut flower growers and the independent florists they supply, as well as a call to the nation to buy home-grown and seasonal blooms.

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Our once-flourishing flower industry has suffered since the 1970s, when cheap imports from large scale commercial growers in Holland started to dominate cut flower sales. Today, the UK continues to import around 90% of its flowers from Holland, South America and Africa, with supermarket sales accounting for approximately 70% of those sales.

Thankfully, consumers are beginning to wise up and demand for fresh, locally-sourced, seasonal flowers is on the increase, as is the resurgence of flower farms in the UK.  British Flowers Week aims to capitalise on this trend with talks, workshops, competitions and other events happening across the country to encourage people to buy British. (Click here for more info.)


So how can we help? Eschewing cheap bunches from the supermarket in favour of blooms from a local florist is a great idea, particularly if you request flowers grown in the UK. For online flower orders, I have found Appleyard to be excellent.  Aside from their stunning bouquets and prompt next day delivery, they’re environmentally savvy, sourcing their flowers from UK growers whenever possible and minimising the amount of packaging they use.

But of course, nothing beats a freshly-snipped stem or two from the garden; a hand-picked posy should always be the first choice (cue gratuitous flower photos from our garden…)



Clematis 2

Clematis & Digitalis





(PS. Yes. Ade likes clematis. A lot.)




The New Recruit

For those of you who didn’t get the memo, Agents of Field have taken on a new recruit. After fierce negotiations, our new Agent has agreed to monitor, survey and protect HQ from all unwanted attacks, from aphid to slug. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Agent Daisy. 3eve

At seven months old, we recruited Daisy from The Mayhew Animal Rescue Home. She’s been with us for just over a month now, and we couldn’t be happier with this little cadet. daisy Collage

So, to welcome her to the fold, we’ve let her take on the challenge of Wordless Wednesday. We hope you enjoy Daisy’s fine photographic work. We have great hopes for this little agent. daisy2 Collage