A Happy Harvest

It’s mid-August and both the plot and the garden are at their zenith, with Ade bringing gluts of homegrown produce into the kitchen most evenings. It’s a busy time here at the Agents of Field HQ as we try and preserve the produce as best we can to see us through the rest of the year. I’ve been busy jam-making, chutney-making and cooking up delicious veggie soups to stash in the freezer. I’ve still got masses of French beans to blanch and freeze and I need to deal with the mountain of tomatoes in the fridge which is mushrooming at a rather alarming rate.
Cherry TomatoesIt’s odd to think that at the start of the year, we didn’t even have an allotment. On January 19th when we first took over the plot, it was an empty, overgrown patch that needed a heck of a lot of work.
IMG_2428Now, it’s a beautiful, productive vegetable plot, abundant with delicious, home-grown food.
IMG_5543With warnings of food shortages in the news this week, it’s reassuring to know how simple it is to grow your own. It takes a little time and effort, but the rewards are so worth it.

Happy harvesting, everyone!


The Weekend’s Pickings

Our squash bed has gone berserk over the last couple of weeks with all the sunshine and rain we’ve had. The first courgette was plucked from the plant a week ago, and we harvested some of our marrows at the weekend, along with our delicious carrots and purple dwarf French beans which have a wonderful flavour (although they sadly lose their purple colour when you cook them!).

We also harvested the last of the cabbages which had unfortunately been left on the plot a little too long, and some little blighter had burrowed its way right through to the heart; we had to throw it away. Ah well… we’ve had a good innings on the cabbage front considering it was the first time we’d grown them.
Now I wonder what kind of marrow magic I might create in the kitchen this week….


News from the Growhouse

Our growhouse is currently crammed with plants. All of the vegetables here have been grown from seed by Ade, I can’t take any credit for any of these beauties…


We’ve got cucumbers, tomatoes, celeriac, French beans and peppers, along with some sweetpea, marigolds and petunias and they all appear to be thriving. These are the same tomatoes and cucumber plants, incidentally, which started off on our window seat last month and which momentarily seemed to be suffering from a nasty case of legginess. Fingers crossed, it looks like they’ve recovered.

Also, the pea shoots and Greek cress which I sowed into pots on our window seat last month were a grand success! I started harvesting them both about two to three weeks after planting and got a handful of delicious salads out of them.

Now to sow the next batch…