Linguine with Raw Tomato Sauce

My dad used to make the best Napoletana sauce when we were growing up. Using tomatoes, basil, onions and often an entire bulb of garlic, he would gently simmer the sauce for hours and serve it with spaghetti. Continue reading “Linguine with Raw Tomato Sauce”


Taking a Moment

IMG_20160517_085947Most of us spend our days earning an honest crust. Time is short, and when much of it is spent working the professional treadmill, finding that precious moment to potter on the plot or meander through the garden can, at times, become a challenge.

But I urge you all, if there is an opportunity, even for only five minutes, get outside and breathe it all in. At this time of year, there is a real energy in the air and no two days are the same. Flowers are starting to bloom and vegetables are eagerly growing. The temperature is on the up, birds are singing and sweet scents from floral favourites are filling our noses. 3 Collage

So as the weekend starts to open its welcoming arms, as much as I need to tackle the ever growing garden ‘to do’ list, I’m trying to stop and just enjoy the moment. 2Collage

In the polytunnel, things are on the move.  To my delight, we already have chillies coming through. However, I’ve quickly realised something else. I’ve grown too much again. 1 Collage

Last year, we had so many gluts that I made a solemn oath to Agent Soph to tame my growing addiction. But it’s so difficult. A gardener has needs. He craves his horticultural fix. I always think ‘just sowing a few extra seeds won’t hurt’. You know, in case some don’t grow or the slugs and birds run amock once they’re planted out. But I know it’s all a subconscious ruse.

On the other side of the polytunnel I plan to plant up tomatoes, however, they’re not quite ready yet. Just as well, as currently this side seems to represent a small nursery of plants that are waiting to be planted out into the allotment. And with the warming air, they’ve really taken off. 20160518_124323

But for now, they’ll have to wait. Why? Time. I need to prep a few of the beds,  and there isn’t enough time in the day to get them ready. If only there was a way to take time out during the week to spend on the plot..hmmm?

Guess I’ll just have to book a day or two off work. For personal reasons, of course. AdeSignature