News from the Growhouse

Our growhouse is currently crammed with plants. All of the vegetables here have been grown from seed by Ade, I can’t take any credit for any of these beauties…


We’ve got cucumbers, tomatoes, celeriac, French beans and peppers, along with some sweetpea, marigolds and petunias and they all appear to be thriving. These are the same tomatoes and cucumber plants, incidentally, which started off on our window seat last month and which momentarily seemed to be suffering from a nasty case of legginess. Fingers crossed, it looks like they’ve recovered.

Also, the pea shoots and Greek cress which I sowed into pots on our window seat last month were a grand success! I started harvesting them both about two to three weeks after planting and got a handful of delicious salads out of them.

Now to sow the next batch…