Field of Dreams

On an early evening walk yesterday, we strolled past a farm with an unused plot of land. It’s just down the road from us, so most days I pass it, slowing down to stare at this half acre of potential. You see, it offers me a daydream. What if I could turn this plot of land into a cultivated, veg and fruit producing area? With a little shed fronting as a farm shop, I could take my growing ambitions to a whole new level!

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Giveaway! 2 Tickets to the Ascot Spring Garden Show


Spring is well and truly here! The birds are singing, the days are getting longer, everything is bursting into life, and what better way to celebrate the season than with a pair of free tickets to one of the most exciting new events in the garden-enthusiasts calendar? Continue reading “Giveaway! 2 Tickets to the Ascot Spring Garden Show”

A Growing Confidence

A few years ago, if I was asked to write a blog, I would have thrown them my best Severus Snape glare (Ahh… Alan) and replied between clenched teeth, ”I don’t have time, my seedlings need attending to.” alan

Truth is, a few years on and I no longer feel the need to constantly pamper my seedlings every five minutes, checking whether they’ve germinated. The days of gently turning and reassuring my unconfident seed potatoes, in tender tones, that they do look pretty with their outstretched tendrils, are long gone. It’s not because I’ve become complacent, far from it. The more the years pass, the more I delve deeper and deeper into this crazy world of horticulture. And so the confidence grows. 

Please don’t think for one second that this is arrogance, we know gardening can be a fickle beast, and no sooner have you got something growing happily, Mother Nature throws the die, and a plague of locusts has consumed your heritage squash.

But for the first time, I feel I’m aware of an overall plan. Experience, knowledge and instinct are coming together like a well-oiled machine, and I’m feeling finely tuned for the season to come.  Me

The beckoning of spring not only raises a smile (and the temperature!), but pulses too.. There’s so much that needs doing! Sheds need cleaning, pots need sorting, paths need fresh chippings, plots need digging..  Actually, you know what I said a moment ago about having it all sorted? Forget it! I’m back to square one.. clueless.. but happy. AdeSignature