5 Ways To Feel Warm This January

With temperatures set to plummet here in the UK and warnings of thundersnow on its way (I mean, thundersnow? Sounds like a Marvel supervillain!), we’re currently bracing ourselves in anticipation of the big chill. So here are 5 easy ways to stay warm and cosy this January: Continue reading “5 Ways To Feel Warm This January”


First Sow of the Year

The new year has arrived and there is a disturbance in the force. In the dead of night between sleep and wakefulness, I hear the gentlest whisper telling me, ‘Get up, it is time!’ Continue reading “First Sow of the Year”


On 19th January 2014 we became the custodians of plot 23D.

Our mission was simple: to dig, to grow, to harvest.

Join us as we endeavour to cultivate our very first allotment. Support us as we battle weed intrusions, aphid invasions and the inclement British weather. Stand with us as we give intensive farming the finger, flying the flag for sustainability.

Agents of Field: saving the Earth one forkful at a time.