Empty Beds

plot photo

How empty our plot looks from a few months ago. Although we’re still enjoying the last of the kale, harvesting the swede and broccoli, and next year’s garlic has started sprouting merrily, most of the beds are now having a breather. Ade has worked hard tidying these up, digging over the soil and enriching the earth with well-rotted matter so they can rest up over the winter. Come spring, the beds will all be super fertile (we hope!) and ready for some serious veg-growing action.

2015, we’re coming for you…


The October Plot


This was our plot at midday today. Our summer crops have come and gone, the pumpkins have all been harvested and Ade has cleared, dug over and mulched the beds to rest them over the winter.

We’ve still got the celeriac, broccoli, swede and Brussels sprouts to come so we’ve got a few goodies to look forward to! We should get one more harvest from the kale, and there are a couple of remaining carrots and parsnips to pull up as well.

In the kitchen, we’re using up our last home-grown cucumber (they lasted very well!) and the last of our tomatoes. The remaining green ones will go into a chutney. The potatoes, onions and pumpkins are all stored and ready for use.

Spring seems a very long way away!