Lavender Sugar

Lavender sugar is a very handy thing to have on standby. It takes seconds to make and can be added to all sorts of bakes and desserts to add a delicate floral note.

Lavender Sugar

Yesterday, I grabbed an empty jam jar, filled it with caster sugar and added a couple of teaspoons of lavender flowers which I’d  just picked from the garden. After giving it a good shake, I put it away in a dark cupboard. Job done. I’ll now leave it for a few weeks for the flavour to intensify and come autumn, when the hum of insects buzzing among the lavender flowers is just a distant memory, I’ll still be able to whip up a batch of lavender shortbread.

Garden Lavender

Just be sure the flowers are completely dry so that the sugar doesn’t clump together. Other than that, the only challenge of this recipe is managing to pick the lavender heads without provoking a bee invasion. Good luck with that! 😉