Through the Looking Glass

For those of you that know your gardening calendar, this week welcomed the yearly arrival of her ladyship the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. And like any proper lady, she was dressed to meet her subjects. Her bunting was newly hung; her displays were freshly pressed as they gave off their intoxicating aromas; and dotted around her grounds were the dignified old boys dressed in their reds and metals, bringing dignity to the occasion and gently reminding us what occurred one hundred years ago.

For Soph and myself this was our second time into Alice’s Wonderland. We couldn’t have been happier to be back and were eager to be seduced by Chelsea’s classy charm.

We entered through the metal gates and through the looking glass into a world so unique to those hospital grounds. Lilies trumpeted the sound of our arrival, Lupins danced on candyfloss wind for our entertainment, whilst Hostas remained hidden in shadowy corners, gossiping about the latest Clematis and their avant-garde array. And to top it all, Monty and Alan were sparring in the Throne Room for the RHS Crown.

I know when we went last year, I couldn’t help but get caught up in the occasion of it all. Like anything you experience for the first time, it’s a whirlwind of excitement and emotions. But this year, for whatever reason, I had a different headset. This year wasn’t just about experiencing the ‘song and dance’ but it was something deeper, something I felt I genuinely needed. I was craving my pollen fix. I had questions and decisions to make. And Chelsea was holding the Crystal Ball.

Throughout life we all have crosses to bare, crossroads to pass through to ensure we make the best of our time on this earth. As allotmenteers, the one thing we can agree on is how precious time is, whether we’re waiting for the final frost to pass, the arrival of the first snowdrop or the plucking of the first carrot. We all have our calendars and as such our clocks tick to their own chime. This year, I know I have to grab what is important to me and implement it into my life. A change of career? A new shed? Or the opportunity to grow the latest grafted trend? ‘Seize the day’ is what’s needed here!

RHS Chelsea Flower Show, you did not disappoint. With your new rules of judging, finally opening Main Avenue to the next generation of gardening wizards and your floral displays from all walks of life, you couldn’t have made more people smile.

While the Chelsea Flower Show may not be the real world, it’s certainly a world I recommend you all to dip your toe into once in a while. If you don’t, you’ll never feel the warmth it offers.


And for my future.. The sun is shining, the allotment is growing.

Life is good!