May Day Festivities

We spent the weekend catching up with family in the beautiful Suffolk countryside and, despite the rain, gales, hail and snow of the previous week, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.


It’s May 1st, the first day of summer according to pagan culture,  and I was only too happy to embrace my inner pagan this morning, leaping out of bed, sprinting onto the lawn in my pjs and smearing May Day dew on my face which, according to ancient folklore, will guarantee lifelong beauty (I’ll keep you posted on that score). Ade couldn’t be tempted to join me. He peered at me, nonplussed, from the bedroom window while I frolicked among the daisies like a demented May Queen, although I did manage to incite my big brother to partake in the dew-bathing which he attacked with even more gusto than me; dive-bombing the lawn face-first only to emerge a few seconds later with moss stuck up his nose and the beginnings of a nasty rash.


Ade couldn’t be persuaded to be our Jack in the Green for the day either, which was disappointing as I was rather looking forward to chasing him up a hill and beating him with twigs.


However, we did manage to spend most of today outside, enjoyed a sumptuous Sunday roast with the family and had a trip to our favourite farm shop to stock up on goodies while our allotment weathers the hungry gap.

Far more fun than dancing around a maypole.