5 Easy Gardening Jobs for August

This month, we put on the brakes, slow the pace and lose ourselves to the quieter moments in the garden and on the allotment. While the birds sing and the bees buzz, we should do little more than enjoy their song. In a few months, these sultry days will be just a fond memory, as cooler nights draw in and we don warmer layers.  Continue reading “5 Easy Gardening Jobs for August”

National Allotment Week 2016

For those who don’t know, this week is National Allotment Week; a time to dig with a little more passion, share our harvests with friends and families and celebrate this wonderful British pastime we dedicate so many of our weekends to! Continue reading “National Allotment Week 2016”

National Allotment Week


This is the week to proudly hold aloft your trowel and make for the plot; it’s National Allotment Week here in the UK, so it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate all things home-grown and to encourage non-growers to take up the cause! After all, so much has changed since the humble days of Tom and Barbara’s The Good Life, the popularity of growing your own fruit and veg has exploded and its appeal is universal, no matter your age, gender or background.

National Allotment week is also an opportunity to highlight and support the ongoing struggles of different allotment sites around the country, fighting for their survival against short-sighted councils and greedy developers. From Farm Terrace Allotments to the Blue Finger Alliance, we’ve always tried to do our bit to support allotment sites under threat and feel very strongly about the benefits allotments can bring to communities.

So seize the day, grab your deck chair and raise a glass of homebrew to your fellow allotmenteers! And don’t forget to  send your veg plot photos to GuardianWitness for their National Allotment Week coverage.

Have a great week and a bountiful harvest!