Floral Trumpets

With all this sunshine recently, it’s odd to think that in a few days’ time it’ll be October. In fact, it’s already autumn, yet I’m still parading up and down the allotment in a t-shirt and shorts. Whether this is a happy one-off or Mother Nature’s response to man’s constant attack on her resources prompting global warming, I couldn’t say.1

But an allotment needs work whatever the weather, and this weekend was no exception. Today, I started thinking ahead to the point in the year when the frost loosens his icy grip to reveal drifts of golden blooms that hold their trumpets aloft as they herald the passing of winter.  That’s right, today I planted my daffodil bulbs for next spring!

In fact, I had such a good day up at the plot, I threw together a little visual treat for you.  Hope you enjoy it.