Wordless Wednesday

After Sunday’s post on how good it is to talk, we thought we would keep the chatter to a minimum this evening and instead share some images that have raised the eyebrow and warmed the heart over the last few days. Enjoy! Wed Collage


Wordless Wednesday

Today, I’m going to let the photos do the talking. Despite the autumn taking hold, both in the garden and on the allotment, the vegetables and flowers have come together to fight the good fight and push back the seasonal onslaught.

But I’ve said too much, hope you like the snaps… Collage


Back in the Picture

Finally, with the arrival of my new camera card reader, Agents of Field are back in the picture. coll2 So, to continue on from Sunday’s blog, I’ve attached a few photos of Sunday’s pottering in the garden.   Garden coll   AdeSignature