And Then The Rains Came

Today was not a day to be wearing canvas shoes.

I came home from work with sopping wet feet and my jeans soaked through – and yes, I was carrying an umbrella. Today the rains have been biblical.

So while I cosy up on the sofa with a warming mug of blackberry syrup to ward off the chills, a slice of Ade’s splendid Plum & Raspberry Cake to fight off any fevers and the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off to warm the cockles, I’ll leave you with some photos from the garden, taken by Ade over the last few days, when the sun was still kind enough to make an appearance.




On a Day Like This

The clouds were thickening

Kale.. planted

The rain came a pouring

Swede.. planted

The wind was howling

Tea a brewing

On Day Like This

Sometimes the best type of gardening is watching it from a distance.

RAIN AdeSignature