It’s All Systems Go! (Almost)

The kitchen is finished! I have cupboards, plumbing and working appliances! I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to see our brand new kitchen garden producing all manner of wonderful things while I had no means to take advantage of them (aside from the salad, of course!) The walls still needs painting, and the floor needs to be laid, but I have a functioning kitchen, at last.

My friend and fellow-foodie Estelle came to visit from France this weekend, so we christened the new kitchen with a sumptuous homegrown feast last night, which was really rather fabulous. Unfortunately, my photos of it were a little disappointing, so here are some far superior pictures Ade has taken of the delights growing in the kitchen garden this week.

I just need to finish unpacking all my kitchen stuff that has been in boxes since last October, and then I’ll be able to start whipping up some lovely new recipes to share with you again.

Watch this space!



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