A Changing Season

I know you don’t want to hear this, but in meteorological terms, autumn began on the 1st September. Three days in, I’ve decided my loyalty actually lies with the astronomical calendar. So for me, autumn doesn’t start until the 22nd September… YES! Continue reading “A Changing Season”


And Then The Rains Came

Today was not a day to be wearing canvas shoes.

I came home from work with sopping wet feet and my jeans soaked through – and yes, I was carrying an umbrella. Today the rains have been biblical.

So while I cosy up on the sofa with a warming mug of blackberry syrup to ward off the chills, a slice of Ade’s splendid Plum & Raspberry Cake to fight off any fevers and the latest episode of The Great British Bake Off to warm the cockles, I’ll leave you with some photos from the garden, taken by Ade over the last few days, when the sun was still kind enough to make an appearance.



Little Jack

The weather has been positively glorious these past few days. After a dreary August here in Hertfordshire, September has (so far) proved to be warm and sunny; the final, balmy vestiges of summer.

We took the first of our pumpkins the other day.  A teeny-tiny Jack-Be-Little that will probably end up in a soup of sorts.


I get more excited about pumpkins than any other crop. I love that when the other beds are beginning to slow down and look a little exhausted, the pumpkins burst onto the scene in all their flaming glory.  I love the way their vibrant skins peek through the greenery, glowing in the autumn sunshine. I love cooking with them; throwing them into soups and risottos, roasting them in wedges, or baking them into sweet treats.

The only thing I don’t like about pumpkins is trying to get them out of their hard skins, which is always a bit of an effort, but their virtues far outweigh this one disadvantage, in my book.


We’re also growing the Crown Prince variety along with the Jack-Be-Littles, thanks to a helpful recommendation from SewSowTasty at the start of the year, so we look forward to tasting these.

How are your pumpkins coming along and how do you plan to use them?