Two Fingers to You, Evil Supermarket!

Ade&Soph 1
It’s all systems go at the moment; life on the plot has stepped up another gear and things are growing fast and furious.  For the first time this year, we are not buying our vegetables, but are getting everything either from The Shire or the back garden.

Yeah!  Two fingers to you, nasty supermarket with your cellophane-wrapped blandness!

And to celebrate we’ve done a little video. Watch us harvesting our beans and even squeezing in a second crop of goodies in the brassica bed! You’ll also see we’ve also got ourselves an ‘Agents of Field’ logo thanks to our good pal and top designer Lee Wignall. (Mr Wignall, take a bow. Jar of marrow chutney is on its way to you.)


Time Waits for No Man

Hollyhock 1It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, the sun is shining, life is good. But time waits for no man and for this little garden hobbit, it’s a busy week.

Sunflower 1With long sunny days, I’m spending most of my evenings over at ‘The Shire’ (yep, I’m so obsessed with the plot I’ve actually named it), to water and continuously battle with the weeds.. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today’s post will mostly be a visual feast, but check out the new video as I bring some narration to our vision.