So Long, Old Friend

It’s been a day of mourning over at Agents of Field HQ as we said goodbye to an old friend. For over ten years she was part of the family, with a name ‘The Beast’, she was a gal with character, with grit, with class. She was my trusty companion, in the bleakest of winters she would never let me down. She didn’t mind getting dirty and never asked for much attention. But alas today would be the day it would all be too much. Today my van failed her MOT. van Collage

With repairs costing more than she’s worth, I knew our time together was over. Before me, she had many happy years with my Dad, so when he retired she became my mistress of the road. With my gardening plans growing over the last year or so, it was an easy decision to take her on, she would help my ideas flourish and play a major part in moving timber, compost and Christmas trees from the garden centre to home to the garden to the allotment. happy

So long fair maiden, my mourning is great. Wherever the road may take you, I hope you find peace, a warm garage and an annual service. van

As for me.. Time for a new van!AdeSignature