5 Ways To Feel Warm This January

With temperatures set to plummet here in the UK and warnings of thundersnow on its way (I mean, thundersnow? Sounds like a Marvel supervillain!), we’re currently bracing ourselves in anticipation of the big chill. So here are 5 easy ways to stay warm and cosy this January: Continue reading “5 Ways To Feel Warm This January”

Faithful February Friends

What a miserable few days it has been in our corner of Hertfordshire! Grey skies, lashing winds, endless downpours. As Storm Imogen sweeps towards us and we brace ourselves for another blustery Monday, we cling desperately to the signs that spring is only around the corner. Along with the snowdrops, the hellebores are out in bloom, providing welcome splashes of colour around the desolate allotment plots and bleak winter gardens; our faithful February friends…